About Me

Hi.  I’m Lady Nym (actually, I’m not but I try to keep this blog relatively anonymous so you can call me Nym).

Once upon a time I wanted to be a writer.

Well, actually, when I was really little I wanted to live in a thatched cottage in the woods and be an artist during the week, a gladiator on Saturdays (from the Saturday night entertainment show, not the ancient Greek kind) and a vet for wild animals on a Sunday.

However, given I’m not very good at drawing or painting; I despise all forms of exercise; and I’m not sure how the injured, wild animals were going to find me…I decided against that otherwise excellent career path and moved on to something I could actually do: acting.  Buuut…I didn’t get in to any drama schools (the fact I put the wrong postage on the application forms so didn’t even manage to audition for half of them is neither here nor there) so I did a degree in English Literature instead because I’ve always loved reading so why not?  I did my dissertation in the form of a piece of creative writing and decided to write a novel.

I actually finished said novel (nobody was more surprised by this turn of events than I).  Then, the Wolf and I married and I fell pregnant.  Immediately (the women in my family are super fertile and sneezing in our general vicinity would probably do the job).  Finding a literary agent and writing in general was put on hold whilst I threw up what felt like continuously for nine months.

I had the baby – Tiny Tyger – and he was…difficult and different.  I spent a long time thinking I was doing something wrong until I finally realised what was going on: Tyger has autism.  He received his official diagnosis at three but that wasn’t the end of our autism saga.

Tyger has a younger brother, ‘Baby Bear’ (though, he hasn’t technically been a baby for a while now), and I started to suspect he, too, was autistic.  Bear now has a diagnosis to match Tyger’s and I’m fast becoming a bit of an encyclopaedia on all things autism.

It has become evident I absolutely do may also have ASD so you might find a rather high number of posts cover the subject of autism.  Between the two cubs, I’m kept pretty busy but blog posts are short enough that I can just about manage one a week so, for the time being, I get my writing fix here.  I don’t go out (I don’t even drive!) and have no paid job so I write about what I experience: Tyger and Bear…and autism…and depression…and anything else that happens to crop up.

I hope you like it.

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