Why I'm Glad I Had Boys

Sometimes I’m grateful I don’t have a daughter.  I’m not a massive fan of pink, for one thing, and I have it on good authority you end up inundated with […]

Not Waving but Unravelling

Minds are not like music boxes.  You can’t pop them open and watch the thoughts and feelings contained within dance round and round.  There is no way to know what […]

I woke up to Bear’s panicked voice over the baby monitor this morning. ‘Bubba!  Bubba!  I wan Bubba!’ ‘Bubba’ seems to be ‘brother’ and is what he calls Tyger (though, […]

Was I Autistic in Primary School?

Since I realised I’m almost certainly autistic I’ve been constantly watching and analysing all my actions, thoughts and feelings.  I relate them all back to autism.  Some days I feel – for […]

Things Not to Say About Autism

Bear has recently had his two year assessment (for non-parents this is basically like a child MOT where they check the child’s oil and brakes and see if they can […]

DLA for Autism

I know there are people out there who are convinced parents of children with SEND (special educational needs and disability) get everything ‘handed to them on a plate’ so I’m […]

I started blogging because I didn’t really have time to write fiction anymore and any writing was better than no writing.  I’ve decided to go for something a little different […]