The Light Fantastic of Autism

A while back I wrote this post on noise sensitivity in autistic people.  Out of all the ways my probable autism affects me in everyday life, noise sensitivity is definitely up there […]

Raising the Cubs Vegetarian

I thought I’d write a blog post about how my vocabulary around autism has changed since I first started blogging and why I no longer use certain terms or have […]

Christmas 2016

Right, I finally have time to write a blog update on our Christmas. Tyger struggled in the days leading up to Christmas.  The excitement was a bit much for him […]

Autism and Pain

We had a lot of illness in the house recently.  For a fortnight Bear, Wolf and I were all pretty ill but Tyger seemed to dodge it until a week […]

Explaining SEND to Other Children

Between illness and generally being busy I haven’t managed to write much in the last few weeks, which is especially annoying because I had a request to write about a specific […]

Why I'm Glad I Had Boys

Sometimes I’m grateful I don’t have a daughter.  I’m not a massive fan of pink, for one thing, and I have it on good authority you end up inundated with […]

Not Waving but Unravelling

Minds are not like music boxes.  You can’t pop them open and watch the thoughts and feelings contained within dance round and round.  There is no way to know what […]

I woke up to Bear’s panicked voice over the baby monitor this morning. ‘Bubba!  Bubba!  I wan Bubba!’ ‘Bubba’ seems to be ‘brother’ and is what he calls Tyger (though, […]