It’s been a very animal-filled week or so but I probably won’t get a chance to write it all in one go so I’ll go with the wasps (and by […]

So, Baby Bear is a six months old and we have started weaning him.  I mean weaning in the UK sense of ‘starting to introduce solids (or weaning onto food)’ […]

I decided recently it was time to stop using a baby monitor for Tyger for several reasons, one which being we’ll need the monitor for Baby Bear soon as he’s […]

I started writing a blog yesterday but never did get a chance to complete it and the little I did write now seems irrelevant and boring so…a fresh start. I […]

I haven’t fully thought through what I’m going to write about today but I didn’t want to get into the habit of leaving it too long between posts (you know, […]

We are on morning two of potty training the Tyger.  We are also on pair 11 of underpants and three teeny, tiny spots of wee in the potty (but, hey […]