Lady Nym

Anxiety Presents in Different Ways

Social interaction makes many autistic people anxious.  However, that anxiety doesn’t necessarily look the same in every person it affects.  Just because someone appears chatty and confident, doesn’t mean they’re […]

Autism and the Dreaded Phone Calls

Have I mentioned recently how much I love the internet? Sure, the ‘bottom half’ of the internet (or ‘comment sections’, if you prefer) can sometimes make me fear for the […]

Comic: Autism and Crowds

Tyger’s school celebrated International Day earlier in the week.  The children dressed in their national costume or colours and after school there was international food in the hall.  It was […]

Bear's Autism Assessment

Two weeks ago Bear was assessed for autism. He’s only three but – to me and probably my husband, Wolf – it felt like this was a looong time coming. […]

Why Can't You Just...?

(A poem about autism) Why can’t you just sit still? You squirm, you stim, you flap, you spin, you nod, you spill your drinks and bang and tap. It tires […]

Autism and Waiting

I’ve briefly mentioned the difficulty of waiting for children on the autistic spectrum in previous blog posts but I think it’s worth a post unto itself. Waiting is trying for all […]