Masking Cartoon

Sorry I haven’t been around much recently.  There has been a lot going on and I have performed my usual trick of retreating away when things get too much.

My grandma died.  After the people who loved her watched who she was as a person gradually being erased by Alzheimer’s, her death has brought a confusing mix of sorrow and relief.  She was a quietly incredible woman and will be sorely missed.

As well as the grief around my grandma’s death, there have been other things going on over the last few weeks.  My non-clinical autism assessment was a confusing mix of emotions (yes, I do still have a half-written blog post about it waiting to be completed and published); every cold, cough and sick bug going seems to have passed through our house; I had my first ever full-blown panic attack (I wouldn’t recommend them); and I’ve had upsetting news from a couple of friends.

So, this little cartoon might be a little less amusing and a little more depressing than usual.  I apologise for that.  Hopefully, there’s better to come.

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