Interview with a Tyger and Bear

About a year ago I wrote this interview post with Tyger.  At the time, Bear was a bit young to partake but he’s a year older now and his speech has come along loads in the last few months so I’ve asked all the same questions again but this time both cubs gave answers.

The questions are not numbered because…Wordpress hates me and it just…and then it…and I tried to and I DON’T…there are no numbers.  Accept it.

How old are you?

Tyger: Four.  I’m four years old.

Bear: Umm…I no know.

Tyger: Two!

Bear: I two!

What’s your favourite colour?

Tyger: Green, yellow and blue.

Bear: Red and bl…red and green and blue and grey.

What’s your favourite food?

Tyger: I like pancakes, crisps and Rice Krispies…and rice…and rice and rice.

Bear: I like Rice Krispies as well and Rice Krispies and pancakes!

What’s your favourite film?

Tyger: Hmmm…hmmm…uh Lego Avengers.  (Me: Is that a feature length film?  I think it’s just a short, isn’t it?)  And I like…Star Wars Lego.  Lego Star Wars.  I watch it every day at school.  (Do you?  Where?)  In my class.  Did you know I watch stuff in my class?  (No.)  When it’s raining and it’s wet in the playground.  (I see.)

Bear: Umm…Mummy?  (Yeah?)  Would you like to play with us and sit down?  (I’m trying to ask you questions.)  Questions?  (Yeah.)  Oh, you not finished.  (Right, what’s your favourite film?)  Wallace and Gromit.

What’s your favourite song?

Tyger: Jingle Bells.  (Wolf: He was singing it this morning!  Me: Okay…)  Yeah, I was singing it like a choo choo one with trains.  Oh no, my train’s broken.  My train track broke…laughing all the way!

Bear: I no know.  (You don’t have any favourite song?)  I no know.

Tyger: Incy poo poo poo poo.  (Okay…)

What’s your favourite TV show?

Tyger: Uh, my favourite TV show…hmm…what’s my favourite TV show?  Lego Batman.  (You can’t have that for your favourite film and your favourite TV show.)  But Lego Batman he’s not in Avengers.  (That’s true.  Is it a TV show, though?)  It’s a TV show.  (Or, is it a short film?)  TV show.  I watch it every day.  TV show.

Bear: I no know.  Team Umizoomi.

What’s your favourite book?

Tyger: My favourite book…Avengers and Spider-Man.

Bear: I no know.  (Are you just answering ‘I don’t no’ to everything?  Do you not have a favourite book?  One you like Mummy and Daddy to read to you at nighttime?)  Umm…the enji one.  (The what one?)  I like the enji book.  (The spinach book??)  **Lots of giggling from everyone.**

What’s your favourite animal?

Tyger: Cats and dogs.

Bear: I no know.  (Are you sure you don’t have a favourite animal?  What do you get most excited about when you see it on the TV or out on the streets?)

Tyger: D- d- d-.  Dogs!!  Bear, dogs.  You like dogs.  DALMATIANS!!

Bear: I like dogs.

Tyger: I thought you might.

What’s your favourite toy?

Tyger: The train set.  (Is that because that’s what you’re playing with right now?)  Yeah.  And I love it.  I think I’ll dream about it tonight.

Bear: I no…umm…two Ferguses!

What makes you happy?

Tyger: Umm…uh…umm…going to the shop and going to the dog park with Daddy and Bear and the dogs and Daddy and the dogs and Bear.

Bear:  I no know.  (What things make you happy?  What things do you like?)  I no know.  (Okay.  Good talk.)

What makes you sad?

Tyger: Staying inside.

Bear: Taking the balloons away.  In the bin.

Tyger: That’s what happened last night.

Bear: Yeah, when I broke your one and you broke my one.

Tyger: No, I broke my own one.  Oh, that’s making me sad now.  (Oh dear.  That was a very sad topic.  Let’s move on then, yeah?)  Yeah.

What makes you scared?

Tyger: Monsters.  Yeah, ’cause I HATE monsters.  I really am scared of them in my bed and I always dream about them.  I really dream about monsters.  (Do you?)  Yup.  Freaky.  (It’s ‘freaky’?)  That is quite scary.

Bear: Umm…monsters.

Tyger: The same as mine.  Bear, you’re standing on my train track.

Bear: Oh.

What makes you laugh?

Tyger: When…uh…when Bear smashes the…when he was smashing the ants yesterday outside.  Was that funny for you as well?

Bear: And you do it as well.

Tyger: Yeah, yeah, but then a ant bit me on there, didn’t it?

Bear: And then…SMASH!

Tyger: That’s why I said I’d never go outside again but…POST!

Bear: POST!

What’s the best thing about you?

Tyger: When I play with Lion* and I do the same things as him.  (What’s your best quality, though, what’s the best thing about you?)  When I play with Lion and do the same things as him!

Bear: Umm…I no know.

What are you looking forward to?

Tyger: My birthday and Christmas.  We wish you a merry Christmas, we wish you a merry Christmas, we wish you a merry Christmas…

Bear: I no know.

What do you like most about Mummy?

Tyger:  I like hugging Mummy.

Bear: I no know.

What is Mummy good at?

Tyger: You’re good at cooking.

Bear: Cooking.

Tyger: The same as me!

What do you like most about Daddy?

Tyger: When we go to the dog park.

Bear: Umm…going for a dog park.

What is Daddy good at?

Tyger: Sword fighting.

Bear: Going for the dog park.

What do you like most about Bear/Tyger?

Tyger: When me and Bear play together.

Bear: Hugging him.  (Awww!  Wolf: What was that?  Me: ‘Hugging him.’  Wolf: Aww.)

Tyger:  Aww, that’s so sweet Bear.  I like hugging him as well.

What is Bear/Tyger good at?

Tyger: He’s good at…uh…fighting.  (Oh…okay.)

Bear: Um, I no know.

Tyger: Making train tracks.

Bear: Tyger’s good at making train tracks.  Tyger said that!

Tyger: Well, I am quite good at making train tracks.  Then I took it apart and I made a new one.  I am quite good at making train tracks.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Tyger:  I want to be a…uh…a…superhero.  Like Spider-Man.

Bear: I no know.

Tell me about the best day of your life.

Tyger: When I…umm…go to the dog park with Daddy.

Bear: Um, I no know.  I can’t ask a question at this.  (Oh…you can’t ask a question from an envelope?)  Yeah.  (That’s…a good point.)

Tell me a joke.

Tyger: There’s a zombie behind you.

Bear: Oh, I just want to open the post!  (Okay.)

So, there you go.  Having listened to the recording I made, I’m pretty sure Bear didn’t say he liked the spinach book (not really surprisingly) but was copying Tyger and trying to say ‘Avengers’.

The ant ‘smashing’ happened last summer.  There was an ant’s nest under the boys’ slide and there’s a home video of Bear angrily trying to squish the ants on the slide.  Tyger finds the video particularly hilarious because later the same day he was actually bitten by an ant so is not a big fan of them.

The post came through the door part-way into the interview but that’s probably obvious.

I think I’ll ask the cubs the same questions again in a year’s time.  It’s nice to have a little record of how their answers change.


*Tyger was talking about his best friend at school.  In keeping with the anonymising names I’ve given the cubs for my blog, I thought I’d call him Lion.

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