Interview With a Tyger

I’ve seen quite a few bloggers do interviews with their kids now, with the intention or asking the same questions once a year to see how the answers change.  I liked the idea and have been meaning to compile a list of questions for Tyger (and, once he’s older, Bear) for a while.  I finally got round to it.

Tyger with Play Doh

  1. How old are you?  Three…not three anymore?…am I three?  (Me: Yes, you’re three.)  Is it my birthday?  (No, that’s not why I’m asking.)  Oh, when’s my birthday?  Is it May yet?

  2. What’s your favourite colour?  Wite…blue.  (Did you say white/blue or light blue?)  Red.  Dark blue, red and blue.  Red and blue is my favourite.

  3. What’s your favourite food?  Pasta.

  4. What’s your favourite film?  Disney.  (Which one?)  Disney Cars.  (Cars?)  Yeah.

  5. What’s your favourite song?  Thomas.  (That’s not really a song.)  Why?  (The theme tune?)  Too-kee.  Too-kee. [To my dad] Have you ever heard of too-kee music?  I’ll show you when Mum’s not around.

  6. What’s your favourite TV show?  Frozen.  (That’s a film.)  Frozen film is quite good.  (Yeah, it’s quite good but it’s not a TV show.  What’s your favourite TV show?)  Thomas.  Percy film is not my favourite but Percy is my favourite but Frozen film is quite scary.

  7. What’s your favourite book?  Bedtime bee-koo.  (Bedtime bee-koo isn’t a book.  What’s your favourite actual book that you’re read at bedtime.)  Could I tell you later?  (Okay.)  Wait, I want to tell you now.  (Okay.)  [Tyger plays.]  (Do you want to tell me now?)  Umm, the scary monster one.  The Monster book.  Is that a good one?

  8. What’s your favourite animal?  Could we not do this anymore?  ‘Cause it’s taking a long time.  Tell yourself.  Say, ‘Mum, what’s your favourite animal?’  Then say, ‘Giraffe.’

  9. What’s your favourite toy?  The camper van.

  10. What makes you happy?  You.  (Aw, that’s nice.)

  11. What makes you sad?  Someone snatches something.

  12. What makes you scared?  Panda bears.  (Are panda bears scary?)  Yeah, they are really scary.

  13. What makes you laugh?  Jokes.

  14. What’s the best thing about you?  Brain.  (Your brain?)

  15. What are you looking forward to?  The new home.  Are we going to a new home now?

  16. What do you like most about Mummy?  Putting me to bed.

  17. What is Mummy good at?  Doing work for me.  (Doing work for you?  Like what?)  Like getting the toys out.

  18. What do you like most about Daddy?  Singing.  (Is Daddy a good singer?)  Yeah.

  19. What is Daddy good at?  Cycling to work.  Why are you laughing at me?

  20. What do you like most about Bear?  I love him.

  21. What is Bear good at?  [Long pause.]  Errr…  (Is Bear good at anything?)  Errr…he’s good at climbing?
    Yeah, he's good at climbing...
    Yeah, he’s good at climbing…

  22. What do you want to be when you grow up?  A driver.

  23. Tell me about the best day of your life.  Christmas.  Is it the last one now?  (Yes.)

  24. Tell me a joke.  Have you ever heard about Thomas [yells]  SCARED!!

    So there you go.  Some of the answers were surprisingly sweet and some were predictably unpredictable.  I suspect if I asked him again tomorrow all the answers would be completely different.  The camper van was a new toy my dad brought back for him after a business trip and it so happens he’d watched Cars a couple of days ago.  I think the book he meant was The Monster Bed by Jeanne Willis.

    I don’t know what too-kee music or bedtime bee-koo are.  He makes up a lot of nonsense words when he needs to make noise (his autism means he tends to make continuous noise, which he has control over, to drown out all other sound that he can’t control) but doesn’t have something he actually wants to say.

    As for the new house; it looks likely we’ll be moving into a rented house soon (and finally be out of my parents’ hair) and Tyger is both excited and hugely anxious about it all.  I expect that’s another blog post for another day.



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  1. I do love these interview posts!! And some very sweet answers! I love that he likes his brain as the favourite part of himself!! Also some more interesting insights into his autism, with the little sound additions, and the explanation of why he needed to make those sounds. It will be good to compare answers in a years time!!
    Thanks so much for sharing with #bigpinklink!


  2. I love posts like this, children are so funny with their answers, I love the “can we not do this anymore” one, so honest and as it is, it sounds like every fun day should be now, if only we could make that happen! #TwinklyTuesday


  3. This is so sweet, I love interviews like these with little ones. Its so nice to see and hear how their minds work through the language they use. It sounds like an exciting move is ahead for you all, good luck with the transition 🙂 Thanks for sharing this on #MarvMondays. Emily


  4. Kids are great and these are great answers. 🙂 Good luck with the house move. #SpectrumSunday


  5. I keep meaning to do this with Ellis! Very sweet answers from Tyger! And great questions too Nym! Thank you for joining me on #spectrumsunday, Ihope you join me again this week! xx


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