Autism and Sense of Time Cartoon

Autistic people do, legitimately, often have problems with their sense of time.  This might be apparent in a struggle to accurately gauge the passage of time and may be linked […]

Autism and Driving

Wolf, Tyger, Bear and I have been presented with an awesome opportunity. We’re moving back up to Scotland: to a lovely, big house. The boys will have more space and […]

Masking Cartoon

Sorry I haven’t been around much recently.  There has been a lot going on and I have performed my usual trick of retreating away when things get too much. My […]

Tyger's Knowledge of Autism

After writing this post about when to tell a child they’re autistic a few weeks back, it occurred to me I didn’t really know how much Tyger knew and/or understood about autism.  […]

Autism Myths Cartoon

Actually, I’ve had these about my autistic sister and sons more than myself (probably because I don’t feel confident saying I am autistic without a diagnosis) but they are all […]

Anxiety Presents in Different Ways

Social interaction makes many autistic people anxious.  However, that anxiety doesn’t necessarily look the same in every person it affects.  Just because someone appears chatty and confident, doesn’t mean they’re […]