Was I Autistic in Primary School?

Since I realised I’m almost certainly autistic I’ve been constantly watching and analysing all my actions, thoughts and feelings.  I relate them all back to autism.  Some days I feel – for […]

Things Not to Say About Autism

Bear has recently had his two year assessment (for non-parents this is basically like a child MOT where they check the child’s oil and brakes and see if they can […]

DLA for Autism

I know there are people out there who are convinced parents of children with SEND (special educational needs and disability) get everything ‘handed to them on a plate’ so I’m […]

I started blogging because I didn’t really have time to write fiction anymore and any writing was better than no writing.  I’ve decided to go for something a little different […]

The Sound and the Fury of Autism

I hesitated to write this post because an entire blog post about autistic noise sensitivity seemed excessive.  I mean sensory issues are only one part of autism as a whole […]

Mummy, Why Don't They Like Me?

We’ve been socialising recently.  I know, I know, since moving house I’ve changed!  I hate to admit it but I’ve barely even spoken to a postman since moving here. Between […]